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I've been a skeptic for years. Definitely won't go back to tampons! Zero leaks. I even forgot I was on my period. - Erin M.

Meet the Pixie Cup, the "Oh my goodness, I forgot I am on my period!" menstrual cup! We've worked hard over the last decade to design a cup that is both incredibly comfortable and unquestionably reliable. With 4 different Classic sizes to choose from, we have one that is perfect for your unique anatomy. No more running out of pads and tampons! The Pixie Cup keeps money in your pocket and unnecessary plastic out of landfills. Best for you, best for the planet.

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Carbon Neutral
FDA Registered

I've been a skeptic for years. Definitely won't go back to tampons! Zero leaks. I even forgot I was on my period. - Erin M.

We’re sure you’ve heard this news; tampons are out and cups are in. Dear friend, meet The Pixie Cup. It’s your key to a leak free, brilliant, I-can’t-stop-smiling-and-leaping-for-joy period! We cannot wait to take this new journey with you!

I can’t believe how effective this cup is at its job. It is a mental and physical freedom all women deserve. I'm so happy I stepped out of my comfort zone to try it. - Hope M., Customer

Trying something new can be hard. We get it and that’s why we’re here to help you along the way. Our customer service team is top notch and there to answer any questions you might have. Trust us, nothing is TMI for us. 

I love this cup! What took me so long to switch?! Not a drop spills; I empty it twice a day. Very comfortable, can't even tell it's there. It's almost like not having a period. - Natalie Z., Customer

You can wear your Pixie Cup for 12 hours without emptying it and guess what? Our cups are reusable for up to 10 years! 

I’m 30 and this is the best $25 I’ve ever spent in my life! - Liz M., Customer

Still on the fence? Just take a quick look at our customer reviews.

Love this cup. I’ve tried others. This one is the best! - Anna W. 
My only regret is not purchasing one sooner. - Rosie
I took “quarantine” as an opportunity to try this menstrual cup, and I’m so glad I did! I haven’t used tampons since! - Andrea

One last thing, when you buy a cup, we also give a cup to a woman in need. Thank you for helping us fight period poverty around the world.

Pixie Cup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that collects fluids safely and securely. Inserted similarly to a tampon, Pixie Cup sits in the vaginal canal comfortably with no odor or leaks. Easy removal and leak-free periods means no period blood stains!

You can wear a Pixie Cup for up to 12 consecutive hours. When it’s full, simply empty your cup, wash it, and reinsert. 

  • If you aren’t totally satisfied, we will make it right with either a full refund or a replacement product. We’ve got you with our 100% happiness guarantee! 

  • Doesn’t block urine flow. The softness of our cup allows your bladder to relieve itself fully without having to remove your Pixie Cup.

  • The design of our stem allows for easy removal and is perfect for a higher cervix. 

  • Pixie Cups hold fluid, but do not absorb like a tampon, virtually eliminating the risk of TSS.

  • Every time you purchase a Pixie Cup, we donate one to a woman in need. We’ve donated 135,000+ Pixie Cups so far!

Choosing Your Size

We have four sizes available. Most women can wear any Pixie Cup size. When in doubt, go with your flow amount (or take our quiz)!

Pixie Cup Extra Small 

  • Light to normal flow
  • Capacity: 18ml (2 super tampons)
  • Rim circumference: 1.5 in.

Pixie Cup Small 

  • Light to normal flow
  • Capacity: 25ml (2.5 super tampons)
  • Rim circumference: 1.68 in.

Pixie Cup Large

  • Normal to heavy flow
  • Capacity: 30ml (3 super tampons)
  • Rim circumference: 1.81 in.

Pixie Cup Extra Large

  • Extra heavy flow
  • Capacity: 35ml (3.5 super tampons)
  • Rim circumference: 1.87 in.

100% Happiness Guarantee

If your first Pixie Cup isn’t the right size, we will send you a new style or size at no extra cost or offer a full refund. This takes the stress out of finding your perfect fit. With 6 different sizes and 2 styles (Slim and Regular), we have a Pixie Cup that will fit any physique or reproductive story.

Buy One Give One

Every time you purchase a Pixie Cup, a cup is donated to a woman in need. Here at Pixie, our goal is for every woman to have access to period products, and you can help make that difference! With help from people like you, we’ve donated 135,000+ Pixie Cups so far! You can read more about our Buy One Give One program here.

Menstrual cups can be confusing at first. But they’re totally worth it! Once you get used to using a menstrual cup, you’ll never go back to messy, wasteful pads and tampons! Watch our video to learn how to insert and remove your cup. 

"I have to say, this is a big blessing for me. The difference between the sizes is not massive, but significant when it comes to the period. It comes with the sweet little bags that are really handy to store them in and the Pixie Cup Wipes, when you have to change it at work or in the public toilet.

I normally have really heavy periods and this has been something that really helps me sleep. The support I have been given from the company is just amazing, so absolutely love them!"

- Izavela