Pixie Teen Kit

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"Get this kit, you won't regret it. I’ll never go back to using tampons. This kit has everything you need and then some." - Ren, Customer

Our Teen Kit includes everything a teen girl needs to start her menstrual cup journey! This kit includes our Teen Cup, wipes, lube, wash, and Carry Cup so you have everything you need to take care of you and your cup while on your period.

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12-Hour Wear

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Pixie Teen Kit

Pixie Teen Kit

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I am loving this product so much! The size works great for me, being young with low cervix. The kit gives you everything you need. Highly recommended!

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Learn More About Pixie Teen Kit


We want you to have everything you need to take care of yourself while on your period.

This Kit includes our Pixie XS/Teen Cup, all-natural gel wash, water-based lubricant, public restroom carry cup, and on-the-go wipes.
All of this is stored in a mesh zipper bag that you can toss in your purse, gym bag, or backpack.


Our cups last for up to 10 years so you won't have to spend another dime on pads or tampons. Plus, you'll save our planet from 75 pounds of landfill. It's a no-brainer win-win kind of purchase. Just ask any friend who's already using a cup. ;)


That's why we designed this easy-to-use kit that demystifies the period cup process. And our legendary Customer Service Team is available daily to offer big-sister support and to answer any of your questions. TMI always welcome!

Also, we guarantee our products inside and out. We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied with your product, we'll send you a new product at no cost or a refund, no questions asked.

Sound too good to be true? Just take a peak at our reviews... we have the best customer service out there!

Pixie Teen Kit Features


The Teen Kit contains our Extra Small Pixie Cup, Pixie Lube, Pixie Wash, Pixie Sterilizing Carry Cup, and Pixie Wipes in a bag.
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Love the kit. I have everything I need and then some. The size is very teen friendly & a great intro cup.

Why to buy Pixie Teen Kit

Hey Girl! Get everything you need to start on your menstrual cup journey in this little kit. Whether you've just recently started your period or you have a lower cervix, the Teen Cup is perfect for you. Plus, our mesh storage bags holds the wash, lube, carry cup, and wipes for easy storage. Buy yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Pixie Teen Kit?
  • Pixie XS/Teen Cup
  • Pixie Carry Cup
  • Pixie Gel Wash
  • Pixie Lube
  • Pixie Wipes Pack
What are the ingredients in each product?

Pixie Gel Wash

  • Distilled water
  • Soap nuts extract: a cleansing agent that is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
  • Coco-glucoside: a natural cleansing agent derived from coconut sugar
  • Honeysuckle extract: antibacterial, plant-based preservative
  • Khu-seng extract: anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation
  • Amur cork tree extract: conditions the skin and is anti-inflammatory
  • Food-grade sodium chloride: softens and boosts cleaning performance
  • Corn extract: purifies and soothes
  • Lactic acid: natural preservative
  • Rice bran extract: cleanses, softens, and moisturizes skin
  • Olive oil: provides vitamin E and softening properties
  • Menthol: cooling and refreshing agent
  • Citrus extract: adds a refreshing scent
  • Xanthan Gum: a thickening agent

Pixie Lube

  • Plant Cellulose- a thickener. 
  • Purified Water
  • Fructus Forsythiae- plant-based preservative. 
  • Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Fruit Extract- antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Pixie Wipes
Pixie Wipes are 99.8% water wipes made from naturally derived fibers (viscose rayon) and purified water. We use pure water wipes because of the delicate nature of the wipes. The other 0.2% of ingredients include:

  • Benzalkonium chloride- Sterilizer
  • 2-methyl-4-isoth isothiazolin-3-one- Sterilizer
  • Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate- Sterilizer
  • Glycine- Sterilizer
  • Propylene Glycol- Solvent
  • Polyhexamethylene biguanide- Sterilizer
What if the included Pixie Cup doesn’t work for me?

If you have issues with our Pixie Cup, please email us at info@pixiecup.com. TMI always welcome! We will troubleshoot with you to find a cup that works better for your lifestyle and send it free of charge.

Can menstrual cups be used with an IUD?

Yes, a Pixie Cup can be safely worn with an IUD. However, as with all vaginal products, there is a slight chance of IUD dislocation. We recommend talking to your gynecologist about using your Pixie Cup with an IUD and possibly having your IUD strings trimmed slightly.

What is the difference between the Classic Kit and the Teen Kit?

The Pixie Classic Kit includes both the Classic Large & Small Pixie Cups!

  • SMALL: Perfect for lighter flow days and first-time cup users 
  • LARGE: Perfect for heavier flow days

The Pixie Teen Kit is ideal for teens, petite anatomies, and first-time cup users and includes only our XS Classic Cup.

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