Our Manufacturing

And providing them with fair living and working conditions.

We make it our business to empower others by providing them with a reliable and safe job. We only work with manufacturers who embody our same vision.

Living Free Starts With Having A Safe And Trusted Place To Work.

The factories we partner with comply with the international fair labor regulations.

Our factories must abide by the International Fair Labor Standards. These standards ensure that the workplace is nondiscriminating, free of harassment, and free of forced labor. Our partners are not permitted to hire anyone under the age of 18. Employees must be provided with a safe and healthy work environment, and the regular workweek cannot exceed 48 hours of work. Overtime is granted but employers cannot request it on a regular basis and employees are not permitted to exceed 60 hours per week. Employers must allow a minimum of 24 hours of consecutive rest in every seven-day period. Additionally, employers must provide compensation that provides the employee with all of their basic needs plus discretionary income and must comply with all legal wage requirements.

We Hire Third Party Inspection Agencies To Ensure Our Manufactures Are Meeting Our Quality Standards.

Our factory locations are strategic for our Buy One Give One program. This program is the heartbeat of Pixie. Our locations allow us to distribute Pixie Cups more effectively as we work towards achieving our goal of getting a Pixie Cup into the hands of every woman in need.