How to use your Pixie Cup

New to menstrual cups?

We’ve got you covered! Just follow our simple menstrual cup instructions to learn how your Pixie Cup works!

If you’re using a Pixie Cup for the first time, don’t worry if it’s a little awkward at first. Riding a bike is always a little uncomfortable until you get the hang of it, and so is using a menstrual cup. You’ll be a pro before you can say no more tampons!

Just follow steps below, then bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Wash your Pixie Cup

Before you insert your Pixie Cup, you’ll want to make sure it’s nice and clean!

  • Wash your hands (this is a must!)
  • Squirt a little Pixie Cup Wash into your cup and scrub it a little with your fingers, then rinse it under warm water.
  • Make sure the small air holes at the rim of our cup are clear and open.

Note: At the beginning and end of each cycle, we recommend boiling or steaming your cup to sanitize it. If you choose to boil your cup, just make sure it doesn’t touch the bottom of the pan. Also, you won’t want to insert your Pixie Cup until it has a little time to cool!

2. Fold your cup

There are so many different ways to fold your cup, and everyone has a different preference! As your Pixie Cup becomes an old friend, you will find your perfect way to fold, but here are some starter folds.

The C-fold: Grip the rim of the cup with your thumbs and index fingers of both hands and fold the cup in half to resemble the figure in Fold 1 (it will look like a “U” or a “C” shape).

The Punch-Down Fold: Place your index finger on the top of the rim and press inwards to the base of the cup, forming a triangle.

Watch the video above to see these folds demonstrated, or read our blog about popular menstrual cup folds here.

You may also want to use a little bit of our Pixie Cup Lube to help your cup go in easier.

3. Insert your Pixie Cup

It’s time to insert your Pixie Cup! Inserting a menstrual cup may take a little getting used to, so don’t worry if it’s a little awkward at first. Most cup users figure out what works best for them after a few cycles.

We recommend using your cup for the first time in a private restroom. Make sure you have enough space and time to yourself to practice inserting your cup. You may even want to practice before you get your period so that you feel more comfortable when the time comes!

First, RELAX! It will make everything else easier. With one hand, gently separate your labia. With the other hand, guide the folded Pixie Cup rim-first into your vagina. You may find it easier to squat, or stand with one foot on the edge of the bathtub. It’s up to you!

Once your cup is in a comfortable spot, slide your finger up around the rim of the cup (not the stem) to ensure that it has opened properly. If you feel any folds along the cup, gently rotate the cup to create a sealing suction.

That’s it! Your menstrual cup is now in place and is safe to wear for up to 12 hours. If you have a heavy flow, you may need to remove and empty your cup sooner to avoid leaks.

Note: some people find it easier to insert their cup if they first measure the position of their cervix. Measuring your cervix is completely optional, but it may help you determine the best way to insert and position your cup.

4. Wearing your cup

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups have little risk for TSS and can be worn up to 12 hours, depending on your flow. We recommend that you empty your cup 2-4 times per day, especially on your heavier flow days. Feel free to wear your cup overnight! (Goodbye for GOOD, maxi-pads!)

The cup may remain where you placed it at the base of your vagina, or it may ride up higher. Both positions are completely normal.

You will love our stem design. It makes removing your cup an easy process! If you can feel the stem outside your vaginal opening, you may have a low cervix, which causes your cup to naturally sit a little lower. Feel free to trim the stem slightly AFTER it is removed.

5. Remove your Pixie Cup

New cup users are often worried that removing their menstrual cup will hurt. No need to worry — by breaking the seal and pinching the cup, you can remove it easily and without any pain!

First, wash your hands. (Do NOT skip this step!)

Once you’ve finished washing your hands (seriously, wash them!), gently grab the base of the cup. If your cup is a little high, gently tug the stem until the cup lowers.

After grabbing the base of the cup, pinch it to release the seal so the cup can slide out. You may find it easiest to use 3 fingers: use your index finger to push in the side of the cup to break the seal, and then use your middle finger and thumb to pinch the base of the cup slightly. Don’t pinch the cup too much or too high, or you could force the contents out and cause them to splash.

Wiggle your Pixie Cup back and forth while guiding it out of the vagina. As you remove the cup, be careful to keep the cup upright so the contents don’t spill!

When your Pixie Cup is removed, simply empty the contents into the toilet. Then follow with a Step 1 Wash, or clean it using a Pixie Wipe (perfect for emptying your cup in a public restroom)!

Remember, it’s impossible for a menstrual cup to get “lost” in the vagina. Your cup can only go so far before it reaches your cervix. That said, some cup users may have a hard time reaching their cup in order to remove it, especially those who have a high cervix. If you feel like your cup is stuck, don’t panic! Read our tips on how to remove your Pixie Cup.

Tip: Ever wondered how heavy your flow is? Use the handy measuring lines on the inside of your cup to measure it!

Choosing the Right Size

Pixie Cup original comes in three sizes and Pixie Cup Slim comes in two sizes. Choosing which size is best for you will depend on your flow volume, cervix height, and the overall comfort.

Learn more about choosing the right size and shape.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning your cup is an important step in the menstrual cup process, and with a few tricks, it can be pretty easy.

There are several methods used to clean menstrual cups including boiling, washing with a light soap, or sanitizing it with wipes.

We recommend cleaning your cup in between uses, and boiling or steaming it before and after each cycle.


Pixie Menstrual Cup Wash is specially formulated to clean and sanitize your Pixie Cup. It is pH balanced and made from all-natural ingredients. It is perfect for cleaning your cup in between uses, and after your cycle is finished.

You can get your own Pixie Menstrual Cup Wash here!


Use our eco-friendly Pixie Cup Wipes to clean your cup while you are on the go, in public restrooms, or for general in-between uses.

Pixie Wipes are compostable and flushable, and more wipes can be purchased here.

Tip: Put a few wipes in your purse or wallet so that you’ll have them with you when you need them next!


Boiling your cup is a great way to sanitize your cup in between cycles.

To boil your cup, we recommend that you bring the water to a complete boil and then remove it from the heat. Place your cup in the water and let it sit for 5 minutes without touching the bottom or sides of the pan.

Carefully remove your cup and let it air dry. When it is completely dry, it’s ready to go in the storage bag until your next cycle!


Say goodbye to inconvenience and say hello to our menstrual cup spa, the Pixie Cup Steamer! Place your cup on the platform, close the lid, and push the blue button. Voila! Your cup will be clean in three minutes!

UV sterilize

Another option for sterilizing your cup is our brand-new UV sterilizer! The UV-C light safely kills Staph, Salmonella, E. coli, flu & other common germs, and is safe for medical-grade silicone! 

Environmental Impact

One of the many benefits of using menstrual cups is waste reduction each and every month. There are so many simple ways to help save our planet, and this is one of them.

Did you know a woman who uses tampons will go through approximately 9,120 tampons in her lifetime? Thankfully, you are not in that statistic. With proper care, your Pixie Cup is reusable for 10 years!

Additional Notes

  • If you experience any leaking, make sure your cup is adjusted correctly and that it is sealing after it is inserted.
  • If you continue to experience leaks, you may be using the wrong cup size, or you may need to empty your cup more often. Click here to learn why your Pixie Cup may be leaking.
  • It is easiest to remove your cup while sitting or squatting.
  • Don’t panic if you are having difficulty removing your cup. If you cannot reach your cup, use your pelvic muscles to gently push the cup down until you can reach the stem and the base of the cup.
  • You do not need to remove your cup when going to the bathroom. However, if you find that your cup shifts position or starts to come out, you may want to remove it and re-insert.
  • If you notice any wear or signs of damage, it is time to replace your cup.
  • Store your cup in the breathable bag provided. Do not store your cup in an air-tight container.
  • The Pixie Cup is designed for menstrual flow use only. Do not use the cup for postnatal bleeding.
  • Your menstrual cup is not a contraceptive, and it does not prevent the user from contracting STDs.
  • Remove your menstrual cup prior to intercourse.
  • Pixie Cups have little to no association with TTS (toxic shock syndrome).