Pixie Kegel Weights

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100% Medical Grade Silicone
Bladder Leakage Prevention
Exercise Plan Included

Self-care for down there! Strengthen your pelivc floor with Pixie Cup's kegel weights! Using our kegel weights with a pelvic floor exercise routine is the quickest way to strengthen your pelvic floor. Peace out, leaks, queefs, and sneeze-pees! Made with medical-grade silicone and inserted similarly to a tampon, show your hooha some love by wearing for 20 minutes a day.

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Pixie Kegel Weights are perfect for pelvic floor training and strengthening your vaginal muscles. Kegel weights paired with exercise are one of the fastest ways to increase your pelvic floor strength to help with bladder control, prepare for pregnancy or recovery from labor, and help prevent pelvic floor prolapse. Whether you are an expert or beginner, we are here for you every squeeze of the way!

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor to help prevent bladder leaks
  • One of the fastest ways to strengthen your vaginal muscles
  • Progressive weights allow you to increase resistance as you get stronger
  • Helps expecting mothers prepare for delivery and recovery
  • Easy to use. The long stem design makes it easy to grab and remove.

Please note: Our website ships to the contiguous US only. To purchase Pixie Cup products elsewhere, please visit Amazon. Can’t find us in your country? Please let us know!

  • Sizes: 40g, 60g, 80g, 105g, 120g, 145g
  • Made of 100% hypoallergenic premium medical-grade silicone
  • Soft smooth texture for comfort
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, and latex-free
  • Engraved weights ensure markings don’t rub off like other brands

Always wash your Kegel weights before and after use. Start with the lightest weight and begin with shorter intervals that do not exceed 15 minutes. See our e-book (included!) for suggested exercises and detailed instructions. Gradually work your way up to heavier weights and longer intervals. If the weight is uncomfortable, try stationary pelvic exercises and shorter intervals. Do not boil your weights and do not scrub your Kegel weights with rough materials.