Pixie Disc Large

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12-Hour Wear
Period-Sex Friendly
FDA Registered
100% Medical-Grade Silicone
100% Happiness Guarantee

It works amazing! I don’t feel like my uterus is constantly contracting to try to push it out! It doesn’t leak or give any issues at all! - Anna M.

The Pixie Disc Large is made from medical-grade silicone and sits comfortably at the base of your to give you leak-free period protection.

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Pixie Disc Large

Pixie Disc Large

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I have been using menstrual discs for several years and the Pixie Disc is my favorite! It’s easier to insert, it’s more comfortable, and has the least amount of leakage - I’ve thrown my other discs away.

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Learn More About Pixie Disc Large

Introducing Pixie Cup Discs, the innovative and reusable silicone menstrual discs that provide a safe and secure way to collect fluids during your period. Unlike traditional menstrual cups, Pixie Discs sit comfortably at the base of your cervix, offering a leak-free and odor-free experience.

Designed for easy insertion and removal, the soft disc portion molds to your body while the springy firm rim ensures a seamless fit. With a high capacity equivalent to 3-6 tampons, Pixie Discs can be worn for up to 12 hours, reducing the risk of toxic shock syndrome and minimizing dryness and cramps.

The discs are made from medical-grade silicone without any harmful substances, such as latex, BPA, phthalates, dyes, or chemicals. Plus, Pixie Discs are ideal for those with an IUD, as they have a significantly lower expulsion rate compared to menstrual cups. Say goodbye to period blood stains and enjoy leak-free periods with Pixie Cup Discs.

Experience worry-free period sex and maintain intimacy with Pixie Disc's flat fit design that doesn't block your vaginal canal. Whether you're exercising, sleeping, or engaging in sexual activities, these discs provide leak protection without any mess.

Please note: Our website ships to the contiguous US only. To purchase Pixie Cup products elsewhere, please visit Amazon. Can’t find us in your country? Please let us know!

Pixie Disc Large Features


Designed with a unique oblong shape to stay tucked securely behind your pubic bone

Removal Stem

Pixie Disc is the only disc on the market designed with a stem to make removal simple.


Our Discs are made from medical-grade silicone and last for 10 years.

All-Day Care

Empty your Disc every 12 hours and forget you're even on your period.
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These are a game changer! Cannot feel it, if it's placed correctly. Very soft silicone texture, and, in my opinion, more easy to use than a cup!

Why to buy Pixie Disc Large

Friend, the next generation of sustainable menstrual products are here! The Pixie Disc is is a reusable menstrual disc that sits at the base of your cervix, not in the vaginal canal like a menstrual cup. The Disc doesn't create a seal, and allows for no-mess period sex. Made with medical-grade silicone, the Pixie Disc lasts up to 10 years - keeping money in your pocket and plastic out of landfills. So why settle for uncomfortable and wasteful period products when you can have a silky smooth, long-lasting, and eco-friendly Pixie Disc?


Pixie Disc Regular

  • Light to heavy flow
  • Capacity: 35ml
  • Rim circumference: 72mm
  • Stem Length: 56.5mm
  • Removable Stem
  • Works for High or Low Cervix

If you have a heavier flow or more familiar with inserting menstrual products this might be the better option for you.

Pixie Disc Small

  • Light to medium flow
  • Capacity: 18ml
  • Rim circumference: 55mm
  • Stem Length: 40mm
  • Removable Stem
  • Works for High or Low Cervix

If you have had pain with inserting menstrual products, such as other discs, cups, or even tampons, this might be a better option for you. 

Our menstrual discs are designed to hug your cervix, by resting in your vaginal fornix and tucking behind your pubic bone. This is ideal for someone with a low cervix, as there is nothing actually in the vaginal canal that could poke out or cause discomfort. No more having to worry about what menstrual cup will work for you!

How to use Pixie Disc Large

How to insert a menstrual disc:

  1. Wash your hands, friend!

  2. Use your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze the rim of Pixie Disc so it looks more like a figure eight. 

  3. You’re going to want to position yourself so your cervix is easy to reach. This is best achieved by sitting on a toilet, one leg up on the shower ledge, or in a squatting position. Use your pointer finger to insert the rim of the disc and push as far back as is comfortable. Angle the disc back and down so the rim of the disc tucks around the backside of your cervix. 

  4. Move your finger to the front rim and push up, tucking the rim behind your pubic bone. This will secure the Pixie Disc and catch your flow.

How to remove a menstrual disc: 

You can wear Pixie Disc for up to 12 hours. We recommend that you empty your disc no less than 2 times per 24 hour period. You might need to empty more frequently on your heavy flow days.

Make sure you wash your hands and sit over the toilet. (hint: a lot of us like taking it out in the shower!)

  1. Relax your body, and remember Pixie Disc is the only period disc on the market with a removal pull-string! Feel around for the thin silicone string and gently pull. You should feel the disc dislodge.

  2. If you have cut off your string, insert your finger and hook it behind the front rim of the disc.

  3. Pour your menstrual fluid into the toilet, wash your cup thoroughly with Pixie Wash, and reinsert. If it’s not possible for you to wash your disc (like you’re in a public restroom or camping) you may reinsert as long as your hands are clean. We recommend not going more than 24 hours without actually washing your disc, though. This will keep bacteria, odor, and staining at bay. 

Troubleshooting a stuck disc:

First off, relax. If you’re tense, your vaginal muscles will be tense and will make the process difficult. We love the term ‘Flabby Face, Flabby Fanny’ from @thenakeddula on Instagram. Meaning, if you purposely relax your jaw and face, your pelvic region will respond in a relaxed state as well. 

It’s natural to have a learning curve when adjusting to your Pixie Disc. 

If you find that you cannot find the pull string or the rim that you tucked behind your pubic bone, try squatting, as this will bring your cervix closer to your reach. 

Don't forget! 

Pixie Disc comes with a silicone pull string! We totally understand that using a disc might be a new experience for you, and we wanted to make it as stress-free as possible. 

You can cut off and remove this string if you find it bothers you, similar to trimming a stem on a menstrual cup. We recommend leaving the string attached until you have mastered removing your Pixie Disc by the rim. 

We’re confident that you’re going to absolutely love your Pixie Disc, and we’re so excited you're interested in making a switch to a mess-free, life-changing period! All of our products come with a 100% Happiness Guarantee, which means we are here on the journey with you every step of the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Pixie Disc hold?

Pixie Disc Large
Holds 35ml of fluid or the equivalent of 3 super tampons, the same amount as our XL Pixie Cup! 

Pixie Disc Small
Holds 18ml of fluid or the equivalent of 2 super tampons, the same amount as our XS/Teen Cup

How does it work?

The disc is held in place by the pubic bone, right below the cervix, directly and securely collecting your blood. It will rest at a slight diagonal angle inside the body.

How do you insert it?
  1. Squeeze the middle to where it looks like a figure 8
  2. Lubricate the top of the disc
  3. Sit on the toilet, squat, or hike one leg up (very difficult to insert while standing)
  4. Ensure your pelvic floor muscles are completely relaxed (if tense at all, it makes insertion much harder). Insert the disc with the tip pointing down towards the ground and gently glide it back as far as it will go.
  5. Using a finger, tuck the rim behind the pubic bone.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CZuxA8fOkW7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
Do these work for a short cervix?

Absolutely! These are ideal for those with a short cervix since they directly hug the cervix. However, you may want to trim the stem off. The stem makes these amazing for those with a high cervix but won’t be necessary for a very low cervix.

How to remove the Disc?

This is where the stem design comes in handy! Relax your pelvic floor muscles (this is a MUST), gently pull the stem to lower the disc down to where you can easily reach it, and carefully place a finger under both sides of the rim of the disc to glide it the rest of the way out, then dump the contents into the toilet. (This could take some time to get the hang of it completely.)

How to trim the stem off?

Simply cut the stem off, then file the silicone until it’s smooth!


How to remove it without a stem?

Use a finger to find the rim, then “hook” your finger under the rim and pull down horizontally (sort of like pulling out a drawer). Keep the disc parallel to the floor to avoid emptying before you’re ready.

Is it self-emptying?

Yes, the Pixie Disc is self-emptying when using the bathroom because your pelvic floor muscles relax. However, this feature tends to work for some and not for others. It depends on the person.

Can I use a Pixie Disc if I have a high cervix?

Absolutely! The stem design makes this much easier since you won’t have to reach the disc cup body to remove it.

Can I use the Pixie Disc if I have a tilted cervix?

Yes, the Pixie Disc can be used with a tilted cervix since it directly hugs it. The insertion process may be harder to master, but you will not regret it once you have it down.

Can the Pixie Disc be used for mess-free period sex?

Absolutely! You will want to trim the stem off first.

HSA & FSA eligible?

Yes! The Pixie Disc is eligible for HSA or FSA.

Does a Pixie Disc use suction?

No, no suction is used to keep the disc in place. Unlike a menstrual cup which uses suction to seal in your vaginal canal, the Pixie Disc is held in place by your.

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